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Specializing in Design • Quality • Affordablity

Khalsa Kitchens fabricates and install numerous kitchen countertop and vanity tops for all styles and uses. We specialize in modern look quartz, as there are for the current decade. Granite options are also available as well as exotic stones.


All countertops must go through a lengthy process to ensure that jobs are met with perfection and delivery. A stunning countertop is truly the crown jewel of any kitchen or bathroom.

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Step 1
Rough Quote

Customers can bring their rough sketches of the kitchen dimensions at this stage. Further by inquiring about your needs, we shall provide you with an estimate or rough quote.


Step 2

Templates help ensure that we cut the stone exactly as it needs to be. Sloped or enclaved walls or special notches are made to the wooden or laser template at this stage. 


Step 3

Once the templates arrive at the fabricator's facility the stone is cut. This process is the most tedious and requires patience and precision. This process is also almost the longest.


Step 4

Congratulations! At this stage, all that is to wait and see is the end result. Often times this stage goes smoothly and last-minute shavings are made, and seams are put in.

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