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10 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas & how to get them in New Jersey

The kitchen is the most prominent part of the house. It is the soul and heart of every house. The kitchen always replicates the personality of its owners. A clean and tidy kitchen means its owner is very well mannered and hygienic. It also helps in making healthy relations with your guests and neighbors. Many people invite their neighbors for dinners, parties, and get together and other functions of the family.

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If you have a traditional kitchen and getting bored from your old kitchen outlook, and your kitchen appliances are not functioning properly, cabinets are not working and you don’t have enough space for storage and you are planning to give your kitchen a new and modern design if you are planning to resell your house and want a good price for your house than a good and modern kitchen will give you more money than in all these circumstances you are required to renovate your kitchen. You can transform your kitchen into a stylish, modern, or contemporary look whichever you want can achieve through the renovation.

The contemporary kitchen is the personification of the lustrous, sleek, simple, and unfussy design. This style supports the use of bold and bright colors and materials in the kitchen. It is an orderly kitchen with nominal accessories and appliances.


In this type of kitchen, the cabinets have a level- frontage made of wood, steel, or any other materials. Contemporary kitchens are very different from modern kitchens. If we want to design our kitchen in a modular kitchen then we have to do major changes for it but for contemporary we can turn our kitchen with either a minimal or major change.


If you are in a dilemma about what kind of look you want for your kitchen, and from which changes you can achieve the contemporary kitchen look, what new and trendy in the market then here are some contemporary kitchen ideas that you can use in your kitchen and you can transform your kitchen into a totally different outlook.


  1. Statement backsplashes: – Backsplashes are basically the coverage on the countertop that protects the wall from oil, dish splashes, or any kind of thing that can damage your wall. You can use designer and statement backsplashes that protect your wall and also give your kitchen a designer and stylish look. If you are living in New Jersey then there are lots of kitchen cabinet showrooms in NJ that provide many different designs, textures, and pictures for backsplashes.
  2. Bold cabinetry: – If you get bored with your painted wall and that can easily become dirty with one touch then you can install bold cabinets for your kitchen that cannot damage your wall and don’t get dirty easily. With bold cabinets, you can give your kitchen a luxurious and glamorous feel. When you blend wooden cabinets with bold colors then this will change the entire look of your kitchen. If you are looking for designer cabinets then you can search and visit the leading Kitchen Design Showroom NJ.
  3. Industrial everything: – You can split up your kitchen and room with the industrial portion. You can use vigorous metals for your kitchen’s countertop and sink. You can also use metal for shelves. This is now trending. You can mix metallic feel with concrete bricks; this combination gives a fabulous and incredible look to your kitchen.
  4. Pantries Reimagined: – All the kitchen needs storage space to store dry food, spices, unwanted utensils, appliances. We always need extra storage space for the kitchen so in it; you can use a different type of pantry. There is a trend of walk-in pantries; it is shaped to maximize the efficiency and storage space of your kitchen. You can experiment with lots of colors and designs in the pantry. If you need designer pantries for your kitchen then kitchen cabinet showrooms NJ would be the best solution for your pantry.
  5. Natural lights: – What would be better light than natural lights of the sun; it can rejuvenate your whole kitchen and provides positivity to your kitchen. You can build large windows so natural sunlight enters your kitchen with it.
  6. High tech: – You can use high-tech gadgets in your kitchen that makes your work more convenient and safe. You can use smart refrigerators, chimneys for your kitchen. If you want to purchase high-tech gadgets in New Jersey’s then you can opt for kitchen cabinet showrooms in NJ here you get the modern gadgets for your kitchen.
  7. Colorful cabinets:– You can use colorful cabinets in your kitchen. This makes your kitchen more rich, bright, and colorful. You can choose blue, green, red, yellow-like bold colors that can easily mix with any color. There are many kitchen cabinet showrooms where you can design your cabinets according to your kitchen.
  8. Custom hardware: – You can customize your own kitchen cabinets. You can choose your own kitchen cabinet’s colors, design, and pattern according to your preference. If you want a customized kitchen then there are many leading Kitchen Design Showroom NJ which is providing the facility of custom hardware.
  9. Open shelving: – Open shelving is very popular in contemporary kitchens. you can flaunt your expensive crockery, glasses, dinner sets in front of your neighbors.
  10. Pendant lighting: – You can use pendant lights and chandeliers for your kitchen this can change the ultimate look of your kitchen and give a next-level look to your kitchen. it really looks luxurious and rich.

You can get one of the best pendant lights in the leading Kitchen Design Showroom NJ. If you are looking for the best and reasonable cabinets, shelves, pendant lights, then you can book it online you just have to surf for the best leading Kitchen Design Showroom NJ from it you get the thousands of kitchen cabinet showrooms NJ from where you can choose or book your kitchen cabinets, lights, colors, backsplashes and many other things for your kitchen.